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New products intelligent vertical mixing boiling drier nine big advantage

From:Changzhou Fengneng drying Engineering Technology Co,.Ltd.  Release time:2015-9-9 11:05:11  Hits:

The new product The advantages of intelligent vertical mixing boiling dryer:

1、Environmental protection and energy saving, the top is equipped with a filter bag, and a cylinder automatic shaking bag device, can effectively prevent the material loss.Cabin air purification tank, the use of outdoor air, air to purify the load does not affect the purification workshop.

2、Fast drying speed, and can be set freely according to the material characteristics of drying time, normally10~30min.

3、Use cost low,Drying equipmentItself does not include mechanical moving partstheEquipment investment cost is low,Less maintenance workload.

4、Convenient operation, simple, materials in the retention period of boiling chamber,You can adjust according to need,So the product moisture content.

5、And in the same equipment can be continuous operation,Can also be used for intermittent operation.

6、And as a result of the fluidized bed temperature distribution uniform,Avoid the products to any local overheating,So it is especially applicable to some dry heat-sensitive materials.

7、Hopper (ebullated bed layer)OType gasbag body sealing, convenient loading.

8、No dead Angle, hopper is equipped with a stirrer, material boiling.

9、Due to the material and dry contact area is large,Medium and material continuous rolling on the bed,so,The heat transfer effect is good,The coefficient of heat capacity.


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